How to Add a Watermark With a Lightroom


Lightroom can automatically add a watermark to your photographs when you export them. A watermark is information printed on top of the photograph, typically a copyright notice. The watermarking facility in Lightroom's export commands leaves a lot to be desired, providing no control over the size or location of the watermark, and it only uses the copyright information provided in the metadata. The Print and Slideshow modules use Lightroom's identity plate feature for watermarking, which provides more control.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Add Copyright Metadata

  • Open the Lightroom Library module by clicking "Library" in the upper-right corner (Windows: Ctrl+Alt+1, Mac: Command+Option+1).

  • Navigate to your photos in your library.

  • Display the "Grid" view by pressing the "G" key.

  • Select the photograph(s) you want to watermark with your copyright notice. Select several photos at once by holding down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key while clicking on each photo. Select all the photos by hitting Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac).

  • Type your copyright information in the "Copyright" box on the Metadata panel on the right side-panel.

Export to Disk with Watermark

  • Select "Export" from the File menu. The Export window opens.

  • Select "Files on Disk" (if it is not the active export plug-in) from the plug-in selector menu on the right side of the banner bar. (Many third-party plug-ins also use the watermark feature.)

  • Under the "Metadata" section of the export options, add a checkmark to the "Add copyright watermark" option. Set the other export options as desired.

  • Click "Export." The window closes. The export status is displayed in the upper-left corner of the main window.

Watermark Web Gallery Photos

  • Open the Web module by clicking "Web" in the upper-right corner (Ctrl+Alt+5, Mac: Command+Option+5).

  • Set the template and options as usual for creating a Web gallery.

  • Add a check to the "Add copyright watermark" option on the "Large Images" panel on the right side-panel. This will add your copyright notice to the large image views on the exported Web pages.

  • Preview (Windows: Ctrl+Alt+P, Mac: Command+Option+P) and Export (Windows: Ctrl+J, Mac: Command+J) your Web gallery.

Watermark Prints and Slideshows

  • Open the Slideshow (Ctrl+Alt+3, Mac: Command+Option+3) or Print (Ctrl+Alt+4, Mac: Command+Option+4) module.

  • Add a checkmark to the "Identity Plate" option on the "Overlays" panel on the right side-panel.

  • Click the lower-left corner of the Identity Plate displayed and select "Edit."

  • Type in the desired watermark text for the "Styled Text" option, or set the "Graphical" option and add your logo or other image file to the identity plate.

  • Click "OK." Your edits will be displayed on the print or slideshow preview in the work pane.

  • Click the identity plate in the work pane and drag it to move it.

  • Set the opacity, color, rotation, and scale options to create the desired appearance.

  • Print or export your slideshow as usual.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many Lightroom power users prefer the "Mogrify" plug-in for applying watermarks during export.

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