How to Spot Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Spot Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms
Spot Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms (Image: © Chiyacat |

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms result from the lack of calcium and phosphorous absorbed by the body. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of these nutrients into the body for the building of muscle and bone strength. Watch for these signs, especially in young children, to prevent osteoporosis or seasonal affective disorder.

Take note of unexplained muscle or bone pain.

Often this is confused with early rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions since vague pain of this sort can mean many things. Walk through the rest of the symptoms to see if Vitamin D deficiency is more likely than other things.

Pay attention to decreased energy and difficulty being motivated.

These classic signs of depression may be caused by a Vitamin D deficiency. 15 minutes of unscreened exposure to sun a day can dramatically increase the body's Vitamin D supplies and elevate mood considerable.

Watch children for signs of rickets.

Vitamin D deficiency can induce rickets in young children. This is characterized by delayed tooth appearance, bowed legs, difficulty standing or pulling up, and other malformed bone structures such as the skull or sternum. Any of these conditions should be reported to a physician for treatment options quickly.

Take note of possible causes of Vitamin D deficiency.

If you suspect Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are adding up, consider the possible causes to see if there is a link. Dairy allergies can be linked, living in a highly overcast climate, lack of sun exposure, lack of fruit and vegetables in diet, over age fifty with darker skin, celiac disease, or cystic fibrosis can all be related to Vitamin D deficiency. See a physician for blood tests and official diagnosis.

  • See more tips on Vitamin D deficiency and treatment options below.

Tips & Warnings

  • Get 15 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen a day to improve Vitamin D levels naturally.
  • Your physician may subscribe vitamin supplements or light therapy.
  • You may also receive the A and D hydroxy 25 test which should return Vitamin D levels between 40 and 80. Some labs will label 25-20 as normal due to older studies so be sure to ask your physician for the actual number.
  • See articles above for more health information and diagnosis assistance.

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