How to Fish With the Lazy Ike Lure


The Lazy Ike lure is a game fish lure that you can use to catch fish such as largemouth bass, northern pike, pickerel and crappie. The Lazy Ike is a shallow-running type of fishing lure, meaning that as you reel it in the lure goes beneath the surface and stays there as long as you provide it with impetus. The Lazy Ike’s shape, which resembles a banana with one end flattened, causes it to wobble in the water, thereby attracting fish.

Things You'll Need

  • Spinning reel and pole
  • Lazy Ike lures
  • Attach the Lazy Ike to your spinning reel and pole using an improved clinch knot. Tie the lure directly to your line, without using a swivel. This allows the Lazy Ike to move more naturally through the water. Eight to 10 lb. test monofilament line works the best with a Lazy Ike.

  • Cast the Lazy Ike to a weed-less spot in a pond, lake or slow moving river. The two sets of treble hooks on the Lazy Ike will quickly snag in thick vegetation such as water hyacinths, lily pads and other aquatic weeds. This will precipitate having to constantly clean them off and will discourage fish from hitting the lure. Try to cast to the edges of weed beds to draw out the predatory species like bass that utilize them for cover. Cast into the openings in the lily pads to attract fish like bass and pike.

  • Click your spinning reel shut and begin to reel in the Lazy Ike. Keep the tip of your fishing rod up rather than have it pointed at the lure as you retrieve it. Turn your reel’s handle slowly and move your fishing pole from side to side to make the lure roll and wobble through the water. Reel in just fast enough to keep the lure beneath the very top of the water.

  • Watch the Lazy Ike as you bring it towards you, paying close attention to any disturbances in the water behind it or on its sides. Big fish will frequently charge a Lazy Ike, creating a visible wake in the water that resembles that almost of a torpedo.

  • Bring your rod tip back with a hard pull on your fishing pole if you feel a bite. This will set the hook in the mouth of the fish. Play the fish until you get it close enough to land. If you happen to set the hook and miss the fish, let the Lazy Ike sit in the water for four or five seconds before beginning to bring it in again. Often, the fish will return for a second look.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always carry a pair of needle nose pliers when fishing a Lazy Ike so you can remove the treble hooks from the jaw of the fish.
  • Have an assortment of colors to choose from with your Lazy Ike lures in case a certain combination seems to work best on a given day.

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