How to Replace Hood Struts


When you get tired of propping the hood open with your head or trying to check your oil with one hand because you need your other hand to hold the hood open, it's time to change those weak hood struts.

Things You'll Need

  • Pliers
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Open the hood. If the hood struts are completely blown, the hood won't stay up. Use a helper to support the hood.

  • Locate where the hood strut -- or struts, if there are two -- are fastened to the hood and where they are fastened in the engine bay. The hood struts attach to the chassis at the rear, outer corners of the engine bay and are held in place with a clip and a pin that they rotate on.

  • Remove the clip that retains the hood strut to the mounting pin by prying it off with a pair of long, needle-nose pliers. Remove the strut from the pin.

  • Disconnect the hood strut where it fastens to the hood. The strut will usually be attached with a bolt and nut or with a pin and a clip. Inspect where it fastens to the hood to determine how to remove it. Remove the clip or bolt, then remove the strut.

  • Install the new hood strut on the mounting pins in the same orientation as the old struts. Fasten the strut to the hood and engine bay with the proper hardware. New struts may come with the clips installed so you only need to press them into place on the mounting pins.

  • Gently close the hood to make sure that the hood does not bend and that the struts allow it to close fully and easily.

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