How to Create an eBusiness Card

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Business cards have always been a handy way for businesspeople to exchange basic information. They provide the name of a business and contact information, and they often include a brief description of services. Now, eBusiness cards expand the potential of business cards. They are essentially CD-ROMs in business card format with the ability to store an amazing amount of data about your business. So how do you create your eBusiness card?

Things You'll Need

  • Design software (or a designer)
  • Electronic content
  • eBusiness card vendor

Design the top front of your eBusiness cards. This is the exterior of the card, the part customers see before they pop your card into a laptop or PC. You can hire a designer to create your design. (The top front of the design will include traditional business card information.) If you are confident in your artistic abilities, you can use design software to design the front of your eBusiness cards yourself. Suppliers of eBusiness cards, such as, offer free design templates you can use with Quark Xpress, Photoshop or Illustrator.

Decide on the electronic content you will record on your cards. This is where an eBusiness card is different and can be amazing. A typical eBusiness card holds 40 MB of data. With this capacity, an eBusiness card may be able to feature your entire Website. This can include an “About the Company” section, testimonials from satisfied customers, images and descriptions of products and services, instructional videos and a sales pitch. Try to include something that will be constantly useful to your customers, such as a list of good tips and/or resources (associations, suppliers, etc.) related to your industry.

Do some research. Check out vendors online and observe the quality of the work they produce. Make a selection of vendors whose work you like. Compare prices or contact vendors for bids.

Send your eBusiness card artwork and electronic content to the vendor of your choice. The vendor will instruct you as to whether you can upload the data or will need to mail a CD via traditional postal services.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don’t throw away your traditional (print) business cards just yet. The cost of eBusiness cards is about $2 to $5 per card at present. You may want to reserve your eBusiness cards for customers you are actively working to acquire or keep.
  • The more cards you order, the lower the price. If you are just getting your feet wet, you may want to go with a more conservative smaller run, although you will pay more per card.
  • Companies that offer eBusiness card production services include and
  • For an added cost, you can also get your eBusiness cards printed in two-dimensional cut-out shapes. Cards have been created in the shape of a hamburger, one of the States, or an abstract shape. At least one company,, specializes in creatively shaped eBusiness cards.

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