How to Repair Rubber Boots


Rubber boots are a boon to farmers, gardeners, fishermen and anyone who has to work outdoors. The thick, rubber surfaces of the boots protect feet from muck and weather conditions. But when a boot becomes cracked or develops holes, wearing them can be almost as bad as going barefoot. Although replacing a pair of rubber boots is preferable, you can temporarily patch them. Patching rubber boots can be similar to patching a leaking air mattress, pond or pool.

Things You'll Need

  • Silicone glue
  • Sand paper
  • PVC patching kit

Plugging Small Holes

  • Examine your boots thoroughly. If your boots are two-part boots with stitching, such as duck boots, it may be possible to have them repaired by a shoe repairman and then waterproofed. Locate all holes and tears.

  • Roughen the edges of any small holes with sandpaper.

  • Wash and dry the boots thoroughly.

  • Fill small holes with silicone glue.

  • Wait 48 hours for glue to cure and dry before using.

Plugging Large Holes

  • Cover large holes with a PVC patch by washing the area around the hole with water.

  • Allow the boots to dry.

  • Roughen the area around the holes with sandpaper.

  • Coat the surface of the boot around the hole, and the surface of the patch with silicone glue.

  • Allow glue to become tacky. Then press both glued surfaces together.

  • Smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles. Allow glue to dry and cure up to 48 hours before using boots.

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