How to Calculate the Volume of a Conical Paper Cup


The volume of a cone is a measurement of the space inside the cone. For a paper cup, the volume measures the amount of liquid that the cup can hold. Knowing the volume will help you know much you are drinking. To find the volume of a conical paper cup, you need to know the height and diameter of the cup.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Measure the height of the paper cup.

  • Measure the diameter of the paper cup. The diameter is the distance across the circle, through the center.

  • Divide the diameter by two to calculate the radius. For example, if the diameter is 3 inches, the radius would be 1.5 inches.

  • Square the radius. For example, 1.5 squared is 2.25 square inches.

  • Multiply the result from Step 4 by the height times pi (round to 3.14) times 1/3 to find the volume. For example, if the height is 3 inches, you would multiply 2.25 by 3.14 by 3 by 1/3 and find the volume to be 7.065 cubic inches.


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