How to Restore Velcro Cheaply


Velcro strips or tape are readily available, but not always inexpensive. And many devices, articles of clothing and household fabric products close with Velcro attachments. Over time, Velcro may lose its gripping power as lint and thread become embedded in the material. Before you replace Velcro fasteners on clothing or other items, however, first try reviving it. Sometimes a simple cleaning will restore the Velcro’s “stickability,” allowing you to avoid the expense and chore of Velcro replacement.

Things You'll Need

  • Lint brush, wire cleaning brush or clean toothbrush
  • Liquid dish detergent, optional
  • Warm water, optional
  • Hold the loop side, or soft side, of the Velcro in your hand and pick out any visible pieces of thread, lint, fuzz, etc., with your fingertips.

  • Use the lint brush, wire cleaning brush or clean toothbrush to gently brush the loops, removing further particles. Brushing also will perk up the loop fabric, which may have been flattened over time.

  • Hold the hook side, the hard, prickly side, of the Velcro with your hand. Use your fingertips to pick out any lint, fuzz, hair, etc., trapped in the Velcro's spiky protrusions.

  • Use the lint brush, wire cleaning brush or clean toothbrush to vigorously brush the hook bristles. This will remove any debris you may have missed and clean the hooks for better grasping power.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the Velcro is dirty or the loops are significantly flattened and the item is not machine washable, use a clean toothbrush, warm water and liquid dish detergent to scrub the two parts of the Velcro fastener. Sometimes washing will fluff the loops of the Velcro, allowing for better adhesion to the hook side of the Velcro.
  • If the Velcro is too old and damaged to be restored, use a seam ripper to remove Velcro that has been sewn onto an item. Replace the Velcro using a sewing machine or sewing by hand. If the Velcro is glued onto the item, use a product such a Goo Gone or another citrus cleaner to dissolve the adhesive so you can glue replacement Velcro to the item.

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