How to Write a Risk Analysis Report


A risk analysis report is created for presentation to either a supervisor or board regarding proposed business ventures. Risk reports are an employee's best means of persuading her superiors to consider a proposed idea due to its overall benefit for the company. When writing a risk analysis report, it is vital to be clear, concise and complete to both inform and persuade those reviewing your findings.

  • Discuss all of the possible outcomes from the project. Include both positive and negative outcomes. Remember that for every decision there are always legal, business, and financial outcomes.

  • Project what the overall project will look like over the next five years. Visualize when certain tasks or markers will occur. Try to come up with tangible markers that superiors can anticipate as the project moves forward.

  • Outline an order for the report. Consider, for example, writing the report in an order such as overview, start-up costs, projected time frame, benefits, risks, final conclusions and projections.

  • Draft the report, being as complete as possible. List specifics whenever possible, citing dollar amounts, time spent and resources required.

  • Avoid overselling the project. Honesty and a straightforward analysis are much more appropriate when asking a company to take substantial risks with its assets.

  • Ask at least three co-workers to review the report and bring up any holes in your logic. Make note of these problems and correct them before the deadline for the presentation.

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