How to Hook Up a Nintendo Wii to a LCD TV


Connecting your Nintendo Wii gaming console to an LCD television can be done in two ways. The first way is to connect your Wii to the television exactly as you would a standard television, plugging the audio and video cables into their respective color-coded ports. However, LCD televisions are designed to display in high definition widescreen, and your Wii is not. As a result, your picture will appear slightly grainy with distorted colors. Instead, you should hook up your Wii using high definition component cables to get the clearest picture display possible on your LCD television.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo Wii
  • LCD television
  • High definition Wii component cables
  • Examine the back of your LCD television. You will see multiple input panels, each offering multiple ports. Your Nintendo Wii is capable of outputting a maximum 480p display, meaning your HDMI ports are of no use. However, the Wii only comes equipped with standard audio and video cables, which output a 480i display. To upgrade the quality, find the component inputs on the back of your television. There will be a set of five ports, two audio and three video. The audio ports will be red and white, while the video ports will be green, blue, and red.

  • View the back of your Wii gaming console. There is an output port that is used to transmit the audio and video signals to your television. Connect the single port end of your component cable to this output port. Run the component cables from this output port and plug each cable into its respective color-coded component input port located on the back of the television. These ports are the input ports that you previously examined. If you have difficulty seeing the colors, these ports should be labeled "R and L" for your audio ports, with the red cable going into the "R" port and the white cable going into the "L" port. Your video cable input ports will be labeled "Y," "Pb/Cb" and "Pr/Cr." Plug the green, red, and blue cables into these ports respectively.

  • Read the label located above the input ports that you just plugged your component cables into. It should read "input" followed by a number. This is the input that your Wii is hooked up to and your television must be turned to this input to display the Wii output. To change the selected input on your television, look for an "input" or "TV input" button somewhere on your television unit. This button is usually located next to or near the channel and volume buttons. Press this input button until the proper input is selected. At this point, your Wii output should be displayed on your LCD television screen.

  • Use your Wii remote to select the Wii button on the bottom left of the main menu screen. Select "widescreen settings" and change your screen resolution from 480i to 480p. This will change your video output to use progressive scan technology and maximize the video display output on your LCD television. Your final step in setting up the Wii to play on your LCD television is to enable screen burn-in reduction from the display menu. Burn-in occurs when a video picture stays on your LCD screen for an extended period of time. This is especially common with video game consoles. Enable burn-in reduction, and your LCD television is now equipped to play your Nintendo Wii.

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