How to Delete a Default Search Engine

If you're like most Americans, you use the Internet on a regular basis and probably have your own favorite search engine. There is nothing more annoying than having your Web browser default to some other search engine you hate. In a perfect world, your computer would know and remember your favorite search engine, and you would not have to constantly change your settings. Well, a perfect world isn't that far away. With a few simple tricks, you can delete that annoying default search engine in no time.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access


    • 1

      Log onto the Internet from your computer using Internet Explorer version 7 or 8.

    • 2

      Click on the “Tools” menu from the toolbar in your Web browser. A menu will drop down. Click “Internet Options.” A new window will open.

    • 3

      Look for the section in this window which reads “Search.” Under it, you will see the statement “Change search defaults.” Click the “Settings” button to the right of this statement. A new window will open.

    • 4

      This window will have a section titled “Search Providers:” with a white box below it. You will see your default search engine in this box with the words “Default” next to it. Click on the default search engine to highlight it.

    • 5

      Click the “Remove” button. You have now successfully deleted your default search engine.

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