How to Keep Dogs From Jumping on the Window


To keep your dog from jumping on your windows and scratching at them, train him not to. Your pooch may become excited when he sees you arrive home or spies other people or pets outside of the window, prompting him to jump on it to get to them. Discourage him from doing this by ignoring the behavior, preventing him from getting to the window and encouraging him to sit calmly near the window.

Positively Reinforce Good Behavior

Encourage the behavior you want from your pooch using rewards. Trigger your pup's undesirable behavior and wait for him to calm down before giving him a treat. The trigger could be someone standing outside the window, someone knocking on the window or at the door. Only treat him when he stops scratching at the window and sits calmly near the window instead. Soon he'll learn that behaving calmly leads to good things.


  • Use high-value treats such as pieces of chicken or cheese to train your dog.

Keep the Window Out of Sight, Out of Mind

To stop your pooch from jumping on the window and scratching it, keep him away from the window with physical deterrents.

  • Place furniture or a pet gate in front of the window to block your dog's access to it. 
  • Close the blinds or curtains on the window to discourage your dog from running over to it when he spots something interesting outside.
  • If your pup climbs up furniture to get to the window, rearrange it so he can't do this. 
  • Place motion-sensing pet deterrent devices on the windowsill. The devices release a harmless burst of air or emit a high-frequency, ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear. 
  • Put double-sided tape on the windowsill and window to discourage your dog from jumping up and scratching at it.

Ignore the Window Jumping

Ignore your dog when he jumps on or scratches at the window.


  • By scolding your pooch or engaging his attention when he's jumping on the window, you're negatively reinforcing this unwanted behavior.

When you arrive home, don't make eye contact with your dog or interact with him through the window. Turn your back on him until he calms down and gets down from the window, at which time you can reward him with attention.

Redirect the Behavior Away from the Window

When your dog starts jumping at the window, clap your hands and say "Off" to stop him. Once he gets down from the window, reward him with a treat. You also can redirect him into performing a behavior you do want, such as "Sit." When your pooch jumps on the window, command him to "Sit." When he does, treat him. Teach him to "Sit" and "Stay" before his behavior is triggered. For example, if a visit from a friend gets Fido excited enough to jump at the window, order your dog to "Sit" and "Stay" when the doorbell rings, preventing him from getting to the window. Treat him when he obeys.


  • Don't physically pull your dog away from the window, which could cause him to become aggressive.

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