How to List Multiple Software Versions on a Resume


There is more than one way to list multiple software versions on a resume. Listing them out individually will allow a search engine to find a certain version as a potential keyword match for those employers that search for resumes with the goal of seeking people experienced with certain software versions. Using a dash to indicate a range of software versions will save space on a resume. The second option is better when you are trying to keep your resume to one page.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet (optional)

Individual Versions

  • Open your resume document. You can list the software you’ve used in the past either in the "Skills" section or in a "Software" section.

  • Type the name of the software you have experience using. List the most recent version first and the oldest version last.

  • Repeat this for each of the software versions you have experience using. Keep each one on a separate line. The types of software do not need to be in any certain order. For example, it is acceptable to list all the word processing software first and then accounting software next or vice versa.

Using the Dash

  • Open your resume document.

  • Locate the section you want to place the software you have had experience with in the past. You can place it under the "Skills" section or in a "Software" section.

  • Type the name of the software, such as "Microsoft Word," and then the versions you have experience with. List it from the oldest to the newest using a dash in between. It will look something like this: Microsoft Word 97-2007.

  • Repeat this for all the software you have experience using. It is not necessary to list the types of software in a certain order. You can start by listing the word processing software first or the accounting software, for example. As long as you are correct about the versions and consistent with using the dash to label them, the order of the software does not matter.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have knowledge of the entire Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access, then you may list "Microsoft Office Suite 97-2007," adjusting the versions that are applicable for your situation. If you don’t have experience with all of the software programs in any one given type of software package, such as Microsoft Office, then it is best to list them out individually with the corresponding version ranges, such as "Microsoft Word 97-2003" or "Microsoft Excel 97-2007.
  • Only list software you have actual experience using. Be honest in your interview about your skill set levels when asked. Employers often will have you do various types of pre-employment testing to ensure you fall within an acceptable range of ability for the given software the company uses. The individual employer sets the acceptable ability range for the testing. Lying on your resume may come back with negative consequences from being denied an interview, to potentially losing your job.

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