How to Boost WiFi Signal for a Laptop

Boosting the Wi-Fi signal for your laptop, whether it's a newer or older laptop is relatively simple. As technology continues to advance, more resources are made available at lower prices to ensure connectivity when on the go and in your home. There are numerous different fixes you can apply to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal, which will speed up Internet applications such as browser loading and video, for example.


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      Move your router. There may be something in the area that blocks your reception. Test out signal strength by moving your router to different locations until you can find one that puts out a stronger signal.

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      Upgrade your router. If your router is outdated, and weaker than the Wi-Fi capability of your laptop, your laptop will only perform at the speed the router provides. Check your laptop manual to find out the signal strength and compare it to the capability of your router. If the router signal is weaker, upgrade and match it to your Wi-Fi.

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      Install a repeater in your home. A repeater will pick up the current signal from your router and redistribute to a greater distance throughout your home.

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      Disable the internal Wi-Fi in older laptops and upgrade to an external transmitter. Many external transmitters have wider antenna range and can be plugged into our laptop's USB port. You can generally disable the internal connection in the Network and Internet section on your computer's Control Panel.

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      Switch to a directional router if you are using an omnidirectional router. Omnidirectional routers send transmission signals out in all directions, which may limit your receptivity to the signal. A directional router has an adjustable antenna which allows you to control and point the signal exactly where you want it.

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