How to Rent a Paper Shredder


Paper shredders are machines that cut any piece of paper into tiny strips that cannot be put back together. Paper shredders are a necessity for many organizations such as banks and financial institutions, but they can also be used by private individuals in a home setting. Shredding all documents with your personal information on them is key in keeping thieves from stealing your identity. Since paper shredders can be quite expensive, you may just want to rent them on an as-needed basis.

Things You'll Need

  • Rental fee
  • Assemble all the papers that you need shredded in one area. Note the volume because the rental company will need this information to recommend what type of shredder to rent to you. Note the quality of the paper you want to shred. This can make a difference in which shredder the rental agent recommends. Also, if you are planning on shredding credit cards, you will want to inform the company representative so that a machine capable of the job is rented to you.

  • Determine what your budget is. This can also help the rental company representative select a shredder for you. If you have a small budget, you may have to settle with a hand-held shredder. A little more money may get you a shredder that works a little faster which means that you will not need to rent it for an extra day.

  • Locate a paper shredder rental company near you. Talk to the company's representative and discuss your needs with him. He will be able to recommend the right shredder for you.

  • Give the rental company a deposit if required. You may be required to use a credit card to do this, but some companies will accept cash.

  • Pick the paper shredder up if it is hand held. If you are renting a large machine, the company will most likely deliver it to you.

  • Return the paper shredder and pay any remaining balance.


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