How to Train a Rottweiler to Get Along With House Cats

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Cartoons have taught most of us that dogs and cats simply do not get along. Yet this is simply not true, and it is possible for the two species to peacefully cohabitate. Don’t assume that you need to teach your Rottweiler to get along with the cats merely for the cats' protection. Cats can seriously injure dogs if they feel threatened or are cornered. There are ways to make your home a wonderful place to live, for both your dog and your cat.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog toys
  • Leash
  • Treats

Introduce your Rottweiler to cats when they are both young. Kittens and puppies are much more likely to get along if they grow up with one another.

Make sure your cat always has an escape route. Your cat is more likely to attack and injure the dog if it feels cornered and has no way to remove itself from the situation. This will eventually lead to more animosity between the animals.

Use a toy to redirect the dog’s urge to chase the cat. When the dog begins to chase or play with the cat, give it an alternative that will help it lose interest in the cat.

Keep your Rottweiler on a leash in the home if it is constantly chasing the cats. It will learn that going after the cat will lead to being tethered and restricted, which is an unwanted consequence.

Allow the cat to growl, hiss and bat at the Rottweiler. This will teach the dog that the cat has boundaries, and it will eventually learn to leave the cat alone.

Praise your dog for leaving the cat alone. If the dog does not react when the cat walks or runs by, give it a treat or a toy and verbal praise. The dog will begin associating a reward with leaving the cat alone.

Give your dog plenty of exercise. A dog that is tired will not have as much of an urge to play with the cats due to pure exhaustion.

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