How to Use Tree Wrap


Tree wraps are materials wrapped around a tree to prevent mechanical injury from moving, insect borers and gnawing rodents. Although trees are often wrapped to prevent sun scald and winter damage, according to Ohio State University wraps do not help the tree with these problems and can actually increase them. Wrapping a tree correctly comes down to knowing the right materials and techniques to use so as to avoid injury to the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Kraft paper or plastic tree wrap
  • Biodegradable twine
  • Mulch (optional)
  • Choose a tree wrap material that actually protects the tree instead of injuring it. Avoid black tree wraps, as they can promote sun scald, as well as burlap tree wraps if they are to be left on the tree for any length of time, as they promote decay from fungus. Instead, choose tar-impregnated kraft paper which will keep insects and rodents away. You can also use plastic tree wrap, although it is less common and most often chosen for rodent problems.

  • Dig out 2 inches of soil from around the base of the tree. Be careful not to hit any roots, as this could cause more damage than you are trying to prevent. Tie the wrap around the base of the tree with a biodegradable twine such as hemp or jute.

  • Wrap the tree, starting from where the bottom is attached and slightly overlapping with each turn until you reach the first branch. Cut the wrap at this point and tie the end to the branches with the twine. Refill the soil around the base of the tree or fill the hole with organic mulch.

  • Remove the wrap from the tree in a year or less. If left on longer you may girdle the tree, inhibiting it from growth. Cut the wrap off in the winter, as light levels are low and shock to the bark will be minimal.

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