How to Replace the Hood Ornament on a Mercedes


Many Mercedes Benz owners have experienced the frustration of a missing hood ornament. Fortunately, replacing the hood ornament on your Mercedes is one of the few repairs owners can successfully complete, and as an added bonus, is not ridiculously expensive. When it's time for a new ornament, owners have the choice of a direct replacement, or special removable ornaments designed to prevent future theft or damage. Both types install in the same manner, and are available at your Mercedes dealer or specialty accessory shops.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Cotton cloth
  • Auto wax
  • Hood ornament
  • Open the hood of the car by pulling the hood release to the left side of the brake pedal, then pulling the hood latch levers on both sides of the exterior hood grill. Consult your owners manual for specific information for your car, as some models have a single latch.

  • Locate the bottom assembly of the hood ornament, in the center of the upper hood area. On some newer models, the assembly will be located in a recessed area under the hood, but it will be easy to spot.

  • Pull the retaining clip outwards with needle-nose pliers until the clip stops, and rotate at a ninety-degree angle.

  • Hold the assembly with one hand, and pull the retaining clip out with pliers.

  • Close the hood slightly, and separate the top and bottom of the hood ornament assembly to remove. A bit of twisting of the bottom section may be necessary.

  • Gently clean the exterior area where the ornament was removed with a cotton cloth, followed by a quick application of auto wax

  • Install the bottom and top of the new ornament assembly, and press together until snug against the top and bottom metal of the hood. Ensure that the rubber gasket has not been removed before installing the top section. If it has, place it on the shaft of the top ornament section before installing.

  • Install the new retaining clip by placing it in the grooved section of the bottom assembly from the side. Secure by pushing it all the way in, and rotating ninety-degrees with the pliers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Having a helper will assist in leveling the hood at a comfortable height while performing the repair.
  • Always perform a "dry-fit" before attaching the retaining clip to ensure straightness and proper fit.
  • Never place tools or parts in the engine bay, as they can easily become lost. Stray tools may cause wire shorts, or end up in moving parts.
  • Always make sure that hydraulic hood struts are in good condition, and able to hold the hood upright. Automobile hoods are very heavy, and can cause serious injury if struts fail.

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