How to Filter Cat Hair From a House


Cats bring their owners all sorts of things—love, comfort, affection and companionship typically top the list. One contribution cat owners can usually do without is a feline’s hair. The furry stuff seems to always find its way into your carpet, furniture, clothes and the air, and can really wreak havoc on those who are allergic. It is possible to live a hair-free life by filtering the hair out of your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Air purifier
  • Grooming glove
  • Prevent the fur from flying. Routinely brushing and bathing your cat will prevent a good amount of hair from lying around your home or making its way into the air. Long-haired and short-haired cats both shed, so unless you take it upon yourself to remove the hair with a brush or comb, it will find its way out and end up around your home.

  • Use air purifiers in your home. According to, some of the best purifiers to use to remove cat hair include the IQAir Healthpro for smaller rooms and IQ Healthpro purifiers for larger rooms. Air purifiers can remove particles of hair and dander, as well as the cat saliva that sticks to both. This helps remove hair from your home while also helping those with allergies.

  • Remove the cat hair from your carpet. Because felines spend a majority of their time on the floor, it is only natural to have a large amount of hair embedded into the carpet. Most vacuums do a decent job of eliminating the hair, however, they might not completely remove hair that is fine., an animal information website, suggests using a damp towel to remove the hair. Rubbing a damp terry cloth towel against the carpet will collect the hair so you can remove it.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your cat detests the brush, consider using a grooming glove. Grooming gloves are gloves that fit over your hand and contain soft bristles on the outside that will work the hair from the cat when you pet him. Most gloves also work on furniture, as well.
  • Place corner combs on the corners of your walls to remove hair from your cat. Most felines like to rub up against these gadgets and are brushed without even knowing it.

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