How to Create Twilight in Photoshop


Transforming an image into a twilight scene can make any picture take on a whole new appearance and feel. This effect can make an image feel romantic or eerie. By adding a light source, you are able to accentuate a particular part of the image and add a realistic look to the image. Following these steps will transform any picture into a twilight image.

Things You'll Need

  • PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements

Creating a Twilight Image in PhotoShop

  • Open the image you wish to add a twilight effect to. If the "Layers" palette isn't open, click on "Window" > "Layers." Double-click on the image in Layers and rename it "original." Make a copy of the "original" layer by dragging it to the "New Layer" button at the top of the "Layers" palette. Rename this new layer "twilight."

  • With the "Twilight" layer selected, choose "Enhance" > "Adjust Color" > "Remove Color." Then select "Enhance" > "Hue/Saturation." In the "Dialogue" box, click on "Colorize." Make sure the "Preview" box is checked so you can see the changes as you make them. Add a bluish tint to the image by sliding the "Hue" slider to the right. Leave the "Saturation" at 50 percent. Darken the image by sliding the "Lightness" slider to the left. Adjust all these settings until you get the look you want.

  • Copy the "Twilight" layer as described above. Name the new layer "lights." With the "Lights" layer selected, choose "Filter" > "Render" > "Lighting Effect" > "Spot Light." Resize the light by dragging on the bounding squares. Dragging the side-bounding squares either farther apart or closer will widen or narrow the spotlight. Dragging the top or bottom square either farther apart or closer will lengthen or shorten the spotlight. Widening and lengthening the spotlight will create a more defused light, while narrowing and shortening the spotlight will create a brighter, more concentrated light. Dragging the top- and bottom-bounding squares sideways will change the direction of the spotlight. These steps require experimentation until you get the desired effect. After you have the width, height and direction of the spotlight set, move the light by dragging the center circle, placing the brightest point of the spotlight where the main source of light originates in your image. If you are seeking to brighten a particular area of your image, you may have to readjust the bounding squares some to achieve the effect you're seeking.

  • Choose the "File" > "Save As" title of your picture and click "Save."

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