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The Sims 3 is the third installment in the original Sims series created by Electronic Arts games. Players can make their own characters and live out the life of their dreams in a customizable world. Building on the Sims has always been a time-consuming task that requires a certain amount of concentration. The Sims 3 is no different, but with a little practice and patience, you can get the hang of building with a few clicks of your mouse in no time.

Constructing a Sims House

  • Begin the building process by constructing the foundation for your Sim's house. In the "Build" menu, select either the square foundation button, or the angled foundation button to build edges. When you have located where you want to put down the foundation, click and drag the mouse to expand or contract the foundation to the size you want. Moving the mouse further away from where you initially clicked will expand the size, and moving closer will contract the size.

  • Go back to the "Build" menu once you have finished with the foundation to begin building your walls. Click on the button with the image of the one-sided wall to build each wall separately, or click on the button with all four walls.

  • Select the button with all four walls to construct a single room with by simply dragging and clicking with your mouse. You can expand the room by dragging the mouse further away from where you initially clicked, or contract it by moving closer.

  • Select the single-wall button to build walls one at a time. Click where you want to begin the wall on the lot grid, and then drag your mouse to extend it. Let go once you have the size you want.

  • Click on the roof options from the "Build" menu. Here, you can either select a roof style to automatically fit your house, or you can build your own custom roof. To do this, click on the "Roof" button. Click and drag across the top floor of your house, as you would when building walls. It will contract or expand as you drag your mouse.

  • Select a roof style and color to apply to the roof once it is complete.

  • Hold the "CTRL" key on your keyboard while you click and drag over walls or foundation to delete anything you have built. If you already have a Sim living on the lot, the Simoleons (Sim money) will be credited back to their funds.

Wallpaper and Carpeting

  • Go to the "Build" menu to access doors, windows, wallpaper, and carpeting.

  • Select a window from the "Windows & Doors" menu to apply to your house. Once the window is attached to your mouse, put it up against any wall. It will automatically fit itself onto the wall; click to build. The same process goes for selected doors.

  • Select a wallpaper or paint style in the "Build" menu to apply to your walls. Allow the mouse to hover over the section of a wall you wish to customize, then click to apply. If you want to use an entire wallpaper or paint style for a single room, hold the "Shift" key while clicking to apply.

  • Select a carpet or tile style in the "Build: menu to apply to your floors. Allow the mouse to hover over a section of the floor tile you wish to customize, then click to apply. If you want to use an entire carpet or tile style for a single room, hold the "Shift" key while clicking to apply.

Building Objects

  • Click on any piece of furniture from the "Objects" menu.

  • Drag the object to the spot you wish to place it in, then click to apply. The price of the object will now be subtracted from your Sim's funds (if the home is currently occupied).

  • Click and drag the object to change its direction once it has been built. Every object has a halo around it with an arrow, pointing in the direction the object should be facing in order to be used properly by Sims.

  • Select an object, then press the "Delete" key to remove it from your house and regain the money spent.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the lot is unoccupied as you build on it, its price will increase in according to what you construct: furnishings, etc. Any Sim attempting to move into it will then need enough money to buy the lot at its new value (as oppose to its starting value as an empty lot).

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