How to Carbon Filter a Grow Room

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Carbon filters help to filter the air in a hydroponics grow room and eliminate odors that vegetable plants produce. Charcoal carbon filters are most appropriate for use in grow-room air filtration because they are widely available and effective. To carbon filter your grow room, you can simply place the carbon filter on the floor next to your plants or hang it over the plants. For best effectiveness, however, you should install the carbon filter over your exhaust fan.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Calculator
  • Charcoal carbon filter
  • Step ladder
  • Duct tape, hooks or clamps

Determine What Size Carbon Filter You Need

Calculate the air volume of your grow room. Measure the width, depth and height of the room using a tape measure in feet and inches. Multiply the width by the length by the height to get the volume (width x length x height = volume).

Determine the volume of air exchanges per hour for your grow room. About 20 to 30 complete air exchanges in the grow room per hour is best.

Calculate the volume of air exchanges per hour for your grow room to choose the correct size filter. Multiply the room air volume by the desired number of air exchanges per hour (20 to 30) to determine the volume of air exchanges per hour (room volume x air exchanges per hour = volume of air exchanged per hour).

Install the Carbon Filter

Purchase a charcoal carbon filter that is rated for the desired volume of air exchanges per hour, based on your calculations. Always choose a carbon filter that is rated higher than your air-volume exchange rate and not lower.

Place a step ladder beneath your exhaust fan. Climb the step ladder carefully and place the charcoal carbon filter over the input side of the exhaust fan.

Secure the carbon filter to the exhaust fan using duct tape, or by installing hooks or clamps. Secure the filter in at least three equally-spaced spots.

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