How to Breed Toy Pomeranians

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The Pomeranian is a toy breed that resembles a tiny fox. The breed comes in a wide range of colors. A pleasant, loving personality makes these tiny dogs quite popular as household pets. The breed tends to produce small litters that range in size from one to three puppies. Breeding should take place for the improvement of the breed. Many breeders opt to first try to breed their Pomeranian naturally, but if conception fails they will have their female artificially inseminated the next cycle by a veterinarian.

Things You'll Need

  • Two leashes
  • Copy of the Pomeranian Breed Standard set forth by the American Kennel Club

Consult your veterinarian for a complete dog physical before you attempt to breed your animal. Make sure your Pomeranian is up to date on all vaccinations, wormings and flea control.

Check for genetic conditions. Pomeranians are prone to a joint disorder called luxating patellas. It can occur from an injury or a malformation. Pomerians that suffer from this disorder should not be bred since it is believed to be genetic and can be passed to the next generation

Check your Pomeranian dogs to make sure they fit what is referred to as the Breed Standard. This is the outline of what the ideal physical specimen of a Pomeranian should look like. It lists the specific characteristics of the Pomeranian and is what all breeders should strive to attain in a puppy. The Breed Standard is set forth by the American Kennel Club and the American Pomeranian Club. If breeders do not breed puppies to stay within the Breed Standard, the Pomeranian breed would gradually change over time and many characteristics could be lost.

Check to make sure your Pomeranian possesses the thick double coat that makes the breed famous, as these are the only dogs that should be bred. The Pomeranian tail needs to be full and fanned out with abundant fur. The tail needs to lay flat on the back.

Choose a male that offers the characteristics you desire in the offspring. Female Pomeranians should be over 4 lbs. but males can be somewhat smaller. Pomeranians who exceed seven pounds should not be bred because the breed needs to remain small to be a true Pomeranian.

Watch for the signs the female is coming into heat, which means reaching her fertile period. The signs will be a swollen vulva and often vaginal bleeding. Call the veterinarian when you notice the first signs of estrus beginning.

Count the days after her first signs of fertility begins. Twelve days into the cycle the female dog will be ready to be bred. A veterinarian will normally run a smear test on day five, day seven and day nine to monitor the rise in fertility. The veterinarian will run a blood progesterone test on day nine and day 11 of the cycle to pinpoint ovulation.

Introduce the female and male dog to each other with both on a leash to make sure they do not fight. Preliminaries such as licking and sniffing can take up to 15 minutes before the male will often attempt to mount. Remove the leashes if mounting appears to be imminent.

Breeding can take less then a minute but the male will remain attached to the female due to the swelling of the males bulbus glandis on his penis in her vagina. This does not hurt the female dog.

Repeat the breedings every 24 hours once a day for three days. This will help insure that insemination takes place.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many female dogs will cease to bleed when they reach day 12 of their cycle. This simply means that ovulation is imminent or taking place.
  • Do not let the female dog urinate for 15 minutes after the mating takes place.
  • Many people opt to have their Pomeranian artificially inseminated by a veterinarian to help aid conception.
  • Never breed a dog that is younger then 2 years old.
  • Pomeranians often suffer from what is known as black skin disease. It causes hair loss and a darkening of the skin. The disease is believed to be genetic so any Pomeranians who suffer from the disorder should not be bred.
  • Only breed a female every other year.
  • Only breed a registered purebred Pomeranian.

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