How to Sell Cookware


You can sell cookware from home by setting up a website or organizing demonstrations at trade fairs or private events. To get strong sales, select quality products with wide consumer appeal and build a broad base of prospective customers who need to buy their first cookware or replace existing products.

Choose a Supplier

  • You can obtain your supply of cookware by buying from wholesalers or by participating in sales programs run by cookware manufacturers. If you buy from a wholesaler, you plan and organize your own sales, marketing and distribution operations. Joining a manufacturer’s program gives you access to a range of standard sales and marketing resources such as party plans, promotional material and incentives.

Find a Wholesaler

  • Visit wholesalers’ websites to view the range of products available. Look for branded products that have a reputation for quality and reliability. Choose a range that enables you to offer your customers a wide choice of types and sizes of cookware. Review wholesalers’ terms and conditions, including guarantees and returns policies. Check discount levels so you can sell at competitive prices and make a profit. Review delivery options to see whether wholesalers will deliver directly to your customers. Find out whether wholesalers provide promotional material to support your sales efforts.

Join a Sales Program

  • By joining an established sales program run by a manufacturer, you can take advantage of established sales and marketing techniques that have delivered results for other vendors. The Cookware Manufacturers Association provides a list of manufacturers, together with contact details. Manufacturers generally offer a range of programs to target different markets such as newlyweds, gourmet cooks and health-conscious householders. Manufacturers offer training courses to develop your product knowledge and sales technique, in addition to incentives that reward your performance.

Organize Demonstrations

  • To demonstrate your products to potential customers, organize a themed event such as a bridal party or dinner party, or set up a stand at a trade fair. Invite friends and family and build a prospect mailing list. Offer an incentive to attend, such as a special discount or free gift. Arrange a demonstration of the products at the event, highlighting any special features such as easy cleaning or good heat retention.

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