How to Download New Software for Microsoft Office

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How to Download New Software for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a Microsoft Suite product that contains various Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, within an operating system (OS). One of the advantages of using Office is that personal computer (PC) users can download regular software updates released by Microsoft. Office users can also take advantage of Microsoft Office Online, where Office users can download optional Office software, use free Office templates, and read various how-to articles. Microsoft Office Online contains the most up-to-date downloads for Microsoft Office Suite programs.


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      Visit the Microsoft Office Online “Downloads” page to find downloads for your Office system. To go to this page, see the resources section.

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      Choose your Office system by finding it under the “Browse downloads by version” section on the “Downloads” left-hand pane, and then clicking on the appropriate link. A page will appear containing a list of all downloads for the Office system you selected.

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      Click on the name of your Office system version from the list of downloads. For example, if your Office system is Office 2007, be sure to select the “2007 Microsoft Office system” link. Another page will open containing a list of downloads for your specific Office system.

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      Download updates for your Office system by clicking on the “Updates” link, choosing a particular download, and then following the prompt to download new updates.

Tips & Warnings

  • In addition to using Microsoft Office Online, you may also use the Windows Update tool to find updates for your Office system. To find the Windows Update tool, see References 1.

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