How to Turn on Visualizations in Media Player

Microsoft Corporation's Windows Media Player offers media users the ability to watch visualizations—graphics that move or change form and color on screen as music plays when no other video is available—in a wide variety of pre-saved or downloaded forms. Whether you're listening to music on a CD or DVD or from the Windows Media Player library, Microsoft makes it extremely easy to quickly turn on and watch visualizations in Media Player.


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      Open Microsoft's Windows Media Player. To open, click to the “Start” button or Microsoft icon, depending on your version of Windows, and click on “Windows Media Player” on the “All Programs” menu or double-click on the Windows Media Player icon on your desktop.

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      Select and play music, as visualizations won't turn on without music playing. To play music automatically from a CD or DVD, load your chosen medium and select the Media Player option from the window that opens. To play music from within Media Player, click on the blue “Library” button to open the Library selections and select a preloaded CD or DVD, external player/music source, playlist or music by album, artist, genre, year or music rating.

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      Click the blue "Now Playing" button to display the "View" drop-down menu.

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      Highlight "Visualizations" and the “right-pointing” arrow on the menu with your cursor to open the "Visualizations" menu.

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      Turn on a visualization by highlighting a title from the "Visualizations" menu and then clicking on a visualization option on the menu that opens.

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      Watch your selected visualization in the "Video and Visualizations pane" as your music plays. To turn on visualizations in full-screen mode, double-click the “Video and Visualizations pane” or click on the "View full screen" icon (a box with an arrow inside pointing diagonally to the top right corner of the box).

Tips & Warnings

  • If you're listening to an album, you can also turn on a visualization that allows you to view not only album art, but also tracks and other information by simply clicking "Album Art" on the "Visualizations" menu.
  • To add additional visualizations to Windows Media Player, click "Download Visualizations" on the "Visualizations" menu while connected to the Internet to direct link to Microsoft Corporation's visualizations download website or click on the "Download Visualizations" link in the Resources section.
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