How to Remove Water Stains From Cedar

Cedar is a beautiful wood frequently used in homes as dining tables, end tables and cedar chests. These are items where you might frequently set down a drink. However, if the drink spills or if it produces excess condensation, you’ll begin to notice water stains that look like white rings on cedar. No matter how long the stains are present on your cedar, there are ways to remove water stains from cedar so your wood can look like new again.

Things You'll Need

  • Lint free cloth
  • Iron
  • Oxalic acid
  • Hot water
  • Paintbrush
  • Borax
  1. Remove Water Stains With Heat

    • 1

      Place a dry, lint-free cloth over the stain.

    • 2

      Set an iron, turned to high dry heat, on top of the cloth, for five seconds. Allowing the iron to remain on the table for longer could burn your table.

    • 3

      Lift the cloth and check the status of the stain.

    • 4

      Repeat this process until you remove all of the water stains and the white rings are gone.

    Remove Water Stains With Oxalic Acid

    • 1

      Mix 2 tbsp. of oxalic acid in 1 quart of hot water. Stir it until it dissolves.

    • 2

      Paint the mixture onto the water stains that sit on your cedar. Allow it to dry, and the stain will begin to lighten.

    • 3

      Apply another coat, which you may need to do three or four times, until the stain disappears. Make sure you allow time for the cedar to dry between coats.

    • 4

      Mix 2 tbsp. of borax in 1 quart of hot water to create a mixture that will neutralize the oxalic acid mixture.

    • 5

      Wet a rag in this mixture. Wipe it on the stained cedar. Allow it to dry.

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