How to Connect a VGA to an RGB

Most monitors connect to the CPU (the tower of your computer) via a VGA serial port. This port is made specifically for monitors. However, if you want to connect your computer to a larger screen, you may want to bypass the monitor and use a television. However, if this particular television has a higher resolution than standard definition, you may want to connect the computer to the device via RGB cables (otherwise known as component cables). Component cables are similar to RCA cables except the video signal is transferred via three cables instead of one.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA-to-RGB adapter


    • 1

      Disconnect any monitors or other devices you have connected to your VGA port.

    • 2

      Connect the VGA-to-RGB adapter to the VGA port on the computer. Make sure the adapter is securely fastened. (There are fastening screws on the side of the adapter to tighten the connection.)

    • 3

      Insert the driver installation disk for the adapter and wait for the installation wizard to launch. This is going to tell your computer how to handle the adapter you have connected. Follow the prompts to complete the driver setup.

    • 4

      Connect the RGB cables (component) to the "Component In" port on the back of the television. These ports and cables are red, green and blue (thus RGB).

    • 5

      Power on the television and press the "Video" button until "Component In" appears on the television screen.

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