How to Change From Firefox Browser to Internet Explorer

The browser wars originated with the battle between Netscape and Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer won that round, but the browser wars are back again with five major browsers competing for market share. One of the most common tricks browsers employ to increase market share is to include settings in the installation to make the browser the default on Windows. Firefox is one such browser that does this, prompting both during installation and upon initial usage for the user to make Firefox the default web browser. If you have done this but want to change the default back to Internet Explorer, it's a very simple process.


    • 1

      Launch Internet Explorer.

    • 2

      Click "Tools," then "Internet Options."

    • 3

      Select the Programs tab.

    • 4

      Click "Make default" to change the default web browser to Internet Explorer from Firefox.

    • 5

      Click "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • You can check "Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser" in the Internet Options dialog to make Internet Explorer prompt you if another browser is set to default on Windows.
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