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Every Yahoo account includes a free email account with all the standard features -- messaging to multiple recipients, adding rich text with colors, formats and links, inserting a signature and attaching photos. As a Web mail service, you don't need an email client like Outlook to use Yahoo Mail. Just sign in to Yahoo in your browser and click "Mail" to get started.

Send your email as soon as you complete it -- no need to use every step.
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Step 1

Click "Compose" or the "Reply" arrow to start a blank email or a reply.

Start an email.
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Step 2

Fill in the To line with your recipients' email addresses, separated by commas. To add carbon copy or blind carbon copy recipient lines, click "CC/BCC." Addresses in the CC line work exactly like those in the To line. The only difference is in style -- CC a message to a third party you want to update, but don't expect a reply from. BCC addresses do not appear to other recipients, so use this line when sending a letter out to several people who don't know each other. You can send a message to BCC addresses only, leaving the To line blank.

Address the letter.
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Step 3

Write the subject line and body of your message. To style the text of the body, use the formatting options beneath the text box. Standard word processor shortcuts also work on Yahoo Mail: "Ctrl-B" for bold, "Ctrl-I" for italics and "Ctrl-U" for underline. The "A" icon changes text and highlight color.

Write the email.
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Step 4

Click the paper clip icon to attach an image or other file from your computer, or to share a file or photo from Dropbox or Flickr. To attach a file from your computer, you can also drag and drop it onto the mail window.

Attach a file.
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Step 5

Type or paste a Web address in an email to automatically insert a hyperlink. To add a link in-line with text, click the link icon and enter the address and display text.

Insert a link.
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Step 6

Add a signature to your emails in the settings to append a message beneath every letter you send. Open the "Settings" menu with the gear icon, click "Settings," choose "Writing Email" and pick "Show a Rich Text Signature." Fill in the text box to create the signature.

Add a signature.
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Step 7

Press "Send" to send the email. If you leave the page without sending the message, you can return to it later in your Drafts folder.

Send the email.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Click on "To," "CC" or "BCC" to pick a recipient from your contacts list.
  • The smartphone interface for Yahoo Mail works similarly to the computer interface, though it offers fewer features. Start a message with the "Compose" icon, write the message, add a photo with the camera icon and press "Send." To set a signature for emails sent from your phone, tap the menu icon, press "Options" and check "Enable Signature." Tap "Edit Signature" to change the signature.


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