How to Get Kawak Games on Your Computer

Kawaks (sometimes called Kawak) is a program that provides software emulation of the Neo-Geo and Capcom CPS-1 and CPS-2 hardware. Kawaks will run ROM (Read-Only Memory) images taken from the arcade boards for games designed to run on this hardware. The emulator is freeware and can be downloaded from the Internet. The software comes in the forms of ROMs and can also be downloaded from the Internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet connection


    • 1

      Download and install Kawaks. There are many sites from which Kawaks can be downloaded. Make a note of the directory into which you have installed Kawaks.

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      Open Kawaks and in the File menu, click "Configure paths." You will be asked where the game's ROM files are to be found. By default, this points to a folder within the Kawaks directory called "roms." If this is where you want to keep your ROM files, click "OK." Otherwise, tell Kawaks where to find the ROM files you will download.

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      Go to a website that offers downloads of ROM files for Kawaks. One such site is listed in the Resources section of this article. Find a game you wish to play on Kawaks and save the ROM file for your computer. Some games have more than one ROM file that must be downloaded before the game can be played.

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      Place the downloaded ROM files in the directory you have specified for Kawaks. There is no need to unzip the files. Open Kawaks and click "Load game." Click "Scan for new," and the games will show up as playable on the games list. From here, they can be opened and played.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the ROM files you have downloaded are not working, you may have downloaded outdated versions of the files. Make sure that all Kawaks emulator and ROM files are the latest versions available.
  • Some ROM files are proprietary software licensed to their creators, and require the user to own the original hardware board. Only download software that you are allowed to run.
  • Some games require a separate BIOS in order to run. This is also proprietary software that should only be run by users who own the BIOS.
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