How to Wire a Lawn Sprinkler Pump

Many irrigation systems in locations with wells will have a separate pump. This is done to make sure the system does not affect the water pressure of the house. Some systems will draw water from the same well as the house, a pond or even a different well completely. Either way the irrigation pump is wired through a relay box so the controller can turn the pump on and off when needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Pump start relay
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Wire nuts


    • 1

      Determine the mounting location for the relay box. Run the wires from the pump, power supply and controller to the relay location.

    • 2

      Remove the cover for the relay and mount the box in location. Make sure not to damage any contacts when mounting the relay.

    • 3

      Strip the power, pump and controller wires so there is 3/8 inch of exposed copper. Feed the wires inside the relay box with enough slack to work.

    • 4

      Connect the L1 wire from the pump to the L1 output wire from the relay box. Connect the L2 pump wire to the L2 output relay wire from the relay. If the pump only uses two wires, then connect the pump white wire to the L1 output from the relay.

    • 5

      Connect the L1 power wire to the L1 input wire from the relay and the L2 power wire to the L2 input wire from the relay. If the power supply only uses two wires like the pump, then connect the white wire from the power supply to the L1 input wire.

    • 6

      Connect the third wire from the pump directly to the third wire from the power supply. In two wire installations, the black wires would be hooked together between pump and power.

    • 7

      Connect the wires from the controller to the 24VAC wires inside the relay box. The wire orientation does not matter.

    • 8

      Fold the wires inside the box and cover. Turn on the power then, the irrigation system and make sure the pump comes on and goes off with the system.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most home irrigation pumps will be two wire 110 volt systems.
  • Make sure power is turned off when working with electricity.
  • Check with a local electrician if there are any questions for installation.
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