How to Grease an Isuzu Front Wheel Bearing


You might think that the wheel bearings of your Isuzu aren't a critical component, but they are. If the bearings aren't greased properly, they can seize, causing the wheel to seize and potentially causing an accident. Although it's not difficult to grease the bearings, it is time-consuming, so set aside at least an hour per side. In this case, the vehicle is a 1992 Isuzu pickup, but the process is similar for other vehicles as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Tire iron
  • 3/8 inch ratchet and socket set
  • Metal hook
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Cotter pin
  • Cotter pin puller
  • Open-end wrench set
  • Seal puller
  • Bearing grease
  • Replacement bearing seal
  • Mallet
  • Lift up the Isuzu using the jack, and place the vehicle on jack stands. Make sure the vehicle is secure before you crawl underneath it. Remove the front wheels using the tire iron, and place them to the side.

  • Unbolt the brake caliper from the spindle using a 3/8 inch ratchet and socket. Hang the brake caliper from the metal hook on the frame so that it doesn't put undue pressure on the brake line.

  • Place the flat-head screwdriver on the seam between the bearing cap and the center of the rotor so you can pry off the bearing cap. Once it's off, use the needle-nose pliers to flatten out the cotter pin, then use the cotter pin puller to remove the cotter pin.

  • Unbolt the factory nut that secures the rotor to the spindle, using the open-end wrench set. Then pull the rotor off the spindle. There are two bearings on the rotor: one on the front side and one on the back. Use the seal puller tool to pull off the factory bearing seal on the backside of the rotor, and remove the bearing.

  • Place a handful of bearing grease in the palm of your left hand and hold the bearing in your right hand. Work the bearing through the grease by rolling each individual bearing surface on the bearing through the grease, pushing it in along the way. Then place the rear bearing back in the rotor, and hammer a replacement bearing seal onto the rotor using the mallet.

  • Place the rotor back on the spindle and repeat Step 5 for the front bearing. Once the front bearing is greased properly, place it back in the rotor and tighten the nut onto the rotor, securing the rotor on the Isuzu. When the nut is tightened all the way, back it off 1/4-turn so the rotor can spin freely.

  • Reassemble the front end in the reverse order of removal.

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