How to Become a Successful Doctor


Becoming a doctor is a challenging, yet rewarding task. There are skills a doctor must possess in order for this particular career to work. In short, while it may take eight to 11 years of schooling to become a physician, it takes other qualities that have nothing to do with schooling to become successful at this given career. There are things that are often not taught in medical school that one must acquire.

Things You'll Need

  • Planner
  • Develop your communication skills. According to, you must be able to communicate your ideas to your patients well. Practice communicating your ideas in everyday English, not medical jargon.

  • Sharpen your people skills. Relational skills are essential. As the Medicalschoolapplications web page says, as a physician you will many times have to deliver unpleasant news and negative diagnoses and prognoses. Learn to tell the truth, but to do so with compassion.

  • Learn to pay close attention to detail. As the web page points out, the successful physician will need to be able to pinpoint and diagnose apparently undetectable diseases before they become untreatable.

  • Hone your time management skills. As suggests, this is a very important element to being a successful doctor. Having a day planner, with a pen or pencil handy, becomes a necessity. Being a doctor means long hours, and in the attempt to balance time with a spouse, children, friends, and patients, we could become quite forgetful and miss important appointments or deadlines with job-related paperwork.

  • Study incessantly. This does not only apply to your time at medical school and in residency, but throughout your whole career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "You should be willing to study a lot." Scientists are investigating new experiments, new cures, new methods of medicine every day, and continued study keeps you fresh as a doctor.


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