How to File Business Cards by Company Name


Even though we live in a high-tech world, printed business cards are still used to promote commercial activities. These cards contain basic information including a contact name and position and the company's name, address, telephone number, fax number, website and email address, according to Bizymoms Home Business (see Resources section). The best way to store business cards you receive is by arranging them in a file box, according to Great FX Business Cards. File business cards alphabetically by company name. That way, you can find the card you want quickly and easily.

Examine the company name to determine how to alphabetize it. Ignore any articles, conjunctions and prepositions anywhere in the name. In the example, "The Winery," "The" is ignored and the name is alphabetized under "W" for "Winery."

Exception: If for example the company name is "An Apple a Day Health Food Store," "An" is an intricate part of the name and must be included.

File cards that have numbers in their names as if they were spelled out, whether they are or not. Example: "7th Heaven Club" becomes "Seventh Heaven Club" for purposes of organizing business cards. Abbreviations should also be treated as if they were spelled out.

Transpose company names that are personal names. For example, the company named "John A. Smith" is alphabetized by the S in Smith, not by the J in John. However, a business name such as "Daily Hardware" is filed by the first letter of the first word, D.

Remember that company names containing prefixes, such as "Victor de Silva," are alphabetized as "deSilva" with the prefix and the surname combined, according to Dartmouth College. Company names that are hyphenated, and compound names, are treated the same way.

File company names that begin with titles as if the titles are spelled out. Example: For the purpose of arranging business cards, "Dr. Pepper Bottling Company" would be "Doctor Pepper Bottling Company."

Arrange business cards that have geographic names by looking at each word as being separate. For example, "Lake Michigan Camp" is organized by the first letter, L. Geographic names that have prefixes are considered one word. Example: "Del North" is filed as D being the first letter.

Alphabetize, and then file the business cards the same way you organize your business file folders, by following these rules.

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