How to Cure Dog Jealousy

Affection can be a great antidote for a jealous dog.
Affection can be a great antidote for a jealous dog. (Image: ulkan/iStock/Getty Images)

Giving your dog ample attention can often eliminate his jealous feelings. Dogs frequently experience jealousy when new developments take the spotlight away from them. If you just welcomed a new baby or romantic partner into your life, for example, don't be surprised if your pooch turns into the green-eyed monster.

New Baby Jealousy

If there's a newborn baby in your household, observe your dog. Dogs sometimes feel abandoned and cast aside when babies enter the picture and get all of the attention. They also sometimes feel like their status has been threatened. Not only do these things make them feel uneasy, but so do the unfamiliar scents, sounds and home layouts that usually accompany new baby arrivals.

If you're concerned that your pooch might be jealous due to your new baby, go out of your way to give him comfort and attention. Keep his confidence intact by setting aside time to play and snuggle with him daily, even if things are busy.

Partner Jealousy

New romantic partners often make dogs feel jealous. Canines sometimes have tough times allowing new faces to be part of their households and routines. Romantic partners are often particularly challenging, as they frequently take up significant portions of their beloved owners' time. If you wish to promote harmony and prevent jealousy, ask your partner to help look after your pet. If your partner is the one taking your dog out for his fun afternoon walks and giving him his favorite yummy treats, the furry guy's feelings of jealousy should diminish quickly.

New Dog Jealousy

Dogs often get jealous when new animals enter the household. If you just adopted a rescue dog, your pooch might react by feeling threatened. If you observe tension, don't show a response. This will teach your jealous pet that behaving in that manner doesn't yield rewards. Don't punish the dogs for the tension, either. This could promote fighting and make the pet with the lesser status feel even more insecure.

You can also prevent jealousy by giving your first pet ample acknowledgement exclusively when the newbie is around. When the new dog isn't around, keep your distance. With a little time, your dog will associate the positive attention with the presence of the new pet. This will quickly eradicate the jealousy. You can also try this approach if you have a new baby.

Common Indications of Jealousy

Common indications of jealousy in dogs include uncharacteristic attention seeking, aggression, reduced appetites, hiding away, excessive curiosity, moping, possessiveness and excessive licking or chewing of themselves. Dogs who are jealous also frequently react by behaving in destructive manners. They might cry, bark or whine immoderately, claim their territory with urine or eliminate inappropriately in the home. Don't always assume that these signs are the result of jealousy, however. They could be the result of medical conditions. Take your pet to the veterinarian for an examination just to be sure.

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