How to Wear an Army Patrol Cap


The army patrol cap, formerly known as the BDU cap, is the alternative headwear to the black beret. It is worn in field environments when the Kevlar helmet is not necessary, work details, during initial entry training, and in any other environments where the commanding officer determines that the wear of the beret would be impractical. Here, you will learn how to properly wear the patrol cap.

Things You'll Need

  • Army patrol cap
  • Place the cap on your head so that the seam in the front of the cap is centered with the bridge of your nose. The ends of the brim should be touching the top of your temples. No hair should be visible from the forehead. Rank insignia is always centered on this front seam.

  • Adjust the cap so that the band of the cap is wrapped around the largest part of your head and is parallel to the ground. A good trick to use is to place your index and middle fingers together and place them horizontally on top of the point where the top of the ear connects to your head. The brim should be just touching the top edge of your middle finger and level with the ground.

  • Smooth out and parts of the cap that are sagging on your head. The cap should have clean crisp angles. If worn correctly, the top of the cap should be at a slight forward angle.

  • Remove the cap and place it in your pocket whenever you are indoors, unless otherwise ordered by a commanding officer. The cap should be worn at all times when outside, again, unless otherwise ordered by a commanding officer.

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