How to Make Your Own Bicycle Jersey

One of the best feelings as a cyclist is pulling your jersey on and knowing that the design and layout of that jersey is solely your own or your team's. Many racers claim this gives them a sense of pride and pumps them up for a race. It used to be that only large teams or those riders willing to pay a large amount of money could have their own custom bicycle jersey. Today there are numerous companies offering the ability to make your own bicycle jersey.

Things You'll Need

  • Team colors
  • Team or personal design


    • 1

      Visit a bike jersey site like or, and click on the "Custom" tab. On the next screen, click "Full Custom," and browse through the jersey colors and types to choose from.

    • 2

      Choose a jersey type and color you like. Write down the product number, and then click "Order Process." You can either fax in an order form or click the "Contact" tab and fill out a "Customer Service" email with a list of product numbers and approximate quantities you are interested in.

    • 3

      Procure a digital design either by pulling it together yourself using graphics software or by having a graphic designer take a drawing of your own and converting it to a digital image. Email this artwork to the email address provided on the Order Process page. Be sure to include your team name or some other identifying information in the email.

    • 4

      Wait for the artwork. The company will pull together a jersey proof for you and send it to you. If you approve, sign the proof and return it; otherwise offer some suggestions and send it back.

    • 5

      Order the required number of jerseys (usually a 10-jersey minimum). The printing process can take two to three weeks with a week for delivery, so you should get your jersey within five weeks.

Tips & Warnings

  • Paying to have a graphic designer put together your jersey logo and design is the best way to get a professional-looking jersey that you will be proud to wear at any race or ride.
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