How to Fish With a Beetle Spin

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Beetle spins are essentially very small spinner baits. Most anglers cast them near grass beds, docks or submerged timber and use a steady retrieve, but you can also jig these lures by repeatedly letting them drop to the bottom then pulling them up quickly. Because they usually weigh less than 1/4 ounce, a light spinning set up with 4- to 10-pound test line is appropriate.

Flexible Lures

  • Beetle spins have four basic parts: a small jig head, a plastic grub, a wire frame and a single Colorado blade. You can change both the plastic grub and jig head to determine which combination is most appealing to the fish. Most commonly, anglers opt for dark-colored grubs on cloudy days while bright colors work better on sunny days. Beetle spins are effective for catching a variety of species, including bream, pike and walleyes.



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