How to Treat an Irritated Nose


A dry, itchy, irritated nose can be a blemish to look at and an inconvenience to have to deal with. Colds, allergies and simply dry air can cause your nose to turn bright red and twitch about. Try treating your nose to a few simple remedies to get it back to its breathable self.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft tissues
  • Saline nasal spray
  • Gentle facial moisturizer

Determine what is causing your irritated nose. It could be a cold or allergic reaction, dry skin or irritation from a facial cleanser. Once you’ve determined what is causing your itchy nose, you can treat it accordingly by either addressing the illness or removing the irritant from your environment.

Use a saline nasal spray. Saline spray is a safe and effective way to help treat an irritated nose. It can help moisturize the inside of your nose if dry air is causing the irritation, and it can help clear out any foreign bodies that may be irritating as well. You can find a saline spray at most drugstores.

Use the softest tissue. If you have an irritation due to a cold or overusing tissues, which can dry out skin around the nose, you might be using tissues that are too harsh. Try a tissue infused with aloe or vitamin E, which will help moisturize and treat delicate skin around the nasal area.

Take an antihistamine or decongestant. If your irritated nose is caused by allergies, try taking an antihistamine to help fight off allergy symptoms. If it is a cold that is causing you irritated nose, a decongestant can help get rid of nasal congestion, reducing the need to constantly blow your nose and rub it with a tissue.

Moisturize the skin around your nose. Use a gentle hypo-allergenic moisturizer on irritated skin around your nostrils. This will help moisturize flaky skin and keep it soft. Stick to unscented facial moisturizers, which are gentler on skin. Baby lotion is also effective for this treatment.

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