How to Convert WAV to AIF

When it comes to digital audio formats, two of the most popular are .WAV and .AIFF. Both .WAV and .AIFF share similar characteristics as they are both uncompressed formats, can store monaural or stereophonic sound, and are perfectly suited for burning music onto a CD. The primary difference between the formats is that Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) was developed for Apple Computer, while Waveform Audio Format (WAV) was developed for Windows. While both are proprietary formats, these days most audio editors on either computer platform can work with both formats. In this article, we will cover how to convert WAV files to AIFF using the major audio editors available to both Macs and PCs.

Things You'll Need

  • .WAV File
  • Audio Editor (iTunes, Quicktime Pro, or Soundbooth)
  1. Apple iTunes (Mac/PC)

    • 1

      Open iTunes.

    • 2

      Import your .WAV files into iTunes, by choosing File > Add to Library.

    • 3

      Open iTunes Preferences. On Windows, choose Edit > Preferences, and on the Mac, Choose iTunes > Preferences.

    • 4

      On the General Settings tab, click the Import Settings button. In the pop-up dialog, select "Import Using AIFF" and click OK.

    • 5

      In the song library, select the audio track you want to convert, and then from the Advanced Menu, select "Create AIFF version."

    Quicktime Pro (Mac/PC)

    • 1

      Launch Quicktime Pro.

    • 2

      Open your wave file in Quicktime by selecting File > Open.

    • 3

      Select File > Export. On the Export drop down, select "Sound to AIFF".

    • 4

      Name your file and select where you want to save it in the "Save As" dialog.

    • 5

      Click Save.

    Adobe Soundbooth CS4 (Mac/PC)

    • 1

      Launch Soundbooth.

    • 2

      Open your .WAV file. After a moment, the waveform will display.

    • 3

      Select File > Save As.

    • 4

      In the Format pop-up, select "Audio Interchange File Format (*.aif).

    • 5

      Select Save.

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