How to Lower EGTs in a Diesel Truck


Exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) are an important component for any diesel motor. EGTs are a representation of the temperature that occurs in the combustion chamber of the engine. Air and fuel mix to create the power for a diesel motor. The more fuel that is forced to mix with air, the hotter the exhaust gas that will leave the chamber. As a rule of thumb, exhaust temperatures should never exceed 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things You'll Need

  • Synthetic oil
  • Ratchet
  • Sockets
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Air intake system
  • Exhaust system

Lower Your EGT in a Diesel

  • Change the fluids in the engine to synthetic oils. Most diesel motors can use 5W-40 synthetic fluids to operate, and the quality oil will reduce friction and heat. Over time, synthetic oils can save wear and tear on the motor as well. Change the oil with a ratchet and socket by removing the drain plug on the oil pan and removing the oil filter off the engine. Replace the filter by hand and reinstall the drain plug once the oil is empty. In the engine bay, remove the oil cap and pour in synthetic fluids to your truck's capacity.

  • Install an air intake system to increase the amount of air that is mixed with the fuel in the combustion chamber. More fuel with less air results in higher engine temperatures and hotter exhaust gases. An air intake system creates a more balanced mixture, thus lowering temperatures and providing efficiency. Air intakes will replace the factory intake with less restrictive hosing and more effective filters. They install with a Phillips head screwdriver and hose clamps.

  • Install a computer chip to the truck's computer. Chips can greatly vary in price and can do everything from boost horsepower to increase fuel economy. Most of these chips are between $300 and $600. A chip connects to the port underneath the steering wheel and reprograms the computer to deliver fuel and operate at new parameters. These chips also implement safeguards to protect against temperatures that are too high.

  • Install an exhaust system to help increase air flow from the engine. Aftermarket exhaust systems are free-flowing and better equipped to smoothly remove air than a factory exhaust. Most of these kits costs between $400 and $600 and can be installed in a couple of hours and simply replace the factory exhaust with better exhaust tubing. Remove the old exhaust by cutting the tubing behind the muffler and extracting the old tubing. Installation will vary depending on the new exhaust kit you choose. Exhaust temperatures can drop as much as 200 degrees by changing the exhaust.

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