How to Write a Personal Memo


The purpose of a personal memo is to address a particular problem or to offer a solution to a problem. A memo is a quick communication that can be sent to one or more recipients. It is usually one page but it can be two pages at most. Use a memo if the nature of the topic isn't too personal and address it only to the recipients for whom it is intended. A personal memo has a format much like a business letter; however, it does have a different style. It doesn't usually include a signature line at the end; however, it can be initialed by the sender's name to show approval of content.

  • Complete the header. The first part of a personal memo begins with the header.
    To: (This would be to whom you are talking)
    From: (Your name)
    Date: (Current date)
    Subject: (In one sentence, state the subject matter. Be specific.)

  • Write the first paragraph. The body of the memo follows directly below the header in paragraph form. The first paragraph should give an overview of the reason you are sending your memo. This is a brief paragraph.

  • Write the second and third paragraphs. This will be the largest part of your personal memo. This is the background or the meat of your memo. Here you will discuss your findings and solutions. Address the major points to the concerns that you have raised.

  • Summarize. The final paragraph should bring it all together. Here you will point out the key points that you addressed previously and reiterate the action that is needed by the recipients.

  • Include attachments. Here you can point your reader(s) to attachment files that you have included with your memo. Instead of including all of the facts in your memo, you will include attachments as proof of your findings.

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