How to get a physique like Matt Damon


Matt Damon's physique is one that many guys around the world would love to have. Of course due to genetics, time limitations and access to the best personal trainers money can buy, most of society doesn't have it as easy. What everyone does have is the ability to work just as hard as he did. Whether he was playing Jason Bourne in the Bourne Series or as a rugby player in the new movie Invictus, Matt Damon knows how to bring a great physique to the big screen.

  • It all starts and stops with diet and nutrition. No matter how hard Matt Damon or anyone else works out, if their diet is subpar so will their body be. For the best Matt Damon physique, nutrition has to be clean and strict.

  • Do no do a caloric deficit diet plan to get a physique like Matt Damon. To build and maintain muscle, excess calories are actually needed. Clean calories are what is crucial. Clean protein and carbohydrates will build the muscle and give your body the fuel to workout. 4-5 workouts a week will burn off any excess calories and lower bodyfat.

    If you need help with determining your daily maintenance level for calories, use your BMR number as the baseline. I've provided a link to a BMR calculator in the resources section.

  • Weight lifting will be necessary to pack on the muscle to your frame. Focus on the compound lifts when lifting. Here is a list of the primary lifts to include in your workouts:
    -Jump Squats
    -Barbell Rows
    -Bench Press
    -Pull ups
    -Dumbbell Shoulder Press

  • The last piece of the puzzle to building a physique like Matt Damon is cardiovascular training. CVT should be done 2-3 times a week.(Preferably on days when not lifting weights or after weight lifting session is over)

    Cardiovascular training will shed bodyfat and give the body an overall toned/chiseled look with Matt Damon is most admired for. His favorite cardiovascular exercise is boxing. There's no need to have a partner. Hitting a heavy bag and speed bag(if available) is a TREMENDOUS workout in itself. Heavy bag workouts work the shoulders, arms and keep the heart rate at a fat burning level the whole workout. Keep the feet moving as much as possible as well. There are many YouTube videos of sample heavy bag/speed bag workouts if you need help in devising one.

    Some other great cardiovascular workouts are:
    -sledge hammer work on a tire
    -Sled Pulling/Pushing

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember that consistency is the key. A great physique like Matt Damon's doesn't come overnight. Keep at the workouts and a clean diet though and it will come over time.
  • Consult your doctor before starting any new workout regiment if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

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