How to Raise Baby King Quail


King quail are small and can live well with other birds including finches and doves. Due to the very small size of baby king quail chicks, the cage or aviary has to have a fine mesh wire. Many people raise king quail as pets because they can become fairly tame. King quail thrive on commercial bird feed, but also eat vegetation and insects. Egg clutch size varies from around four to as many as 20, but the mother can only keep up to eight eggs warm at one time.

Things You'll Need

  • Breeding male and female quail
  • Cages
  • Aviary
  • Food bowls
  • Water bowls
  • Feed and water
  • Nesting material

Raising Baby King Quail

Set up cage or aviary with a layer of gravel on the floor. Make sure the size is adequate for the number of breeding quail purchased. Add feed dish, water bowl and nesting material of dried grass or hay.

Remove newly hatched chicks and the mother from the aviary and keep them separate from other quail or birds.

Feed chicks a powdered or finely ground commercial seed. Place gritty sand in the cage or aviary for the quail so they can take a dust bath.

Return the baby king quail to the aviary in two or three weeks.

Tips & Warnings

  • King quail can be kept with other birds like finches and doves but sometimes other birds will attack the quail.
  • Baby king quail are small and can easily drown in a water dish, so only fill dish with a small amount of water or place marbles or pebbles into the dish.

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