How to Use Huggies Pull-Ups


Potty training a child can be a difficult process. While older generations may swear that putting a child in big girl panties and letting her learn by her mistakes is the easiest way to train her, today's parents have a safer on the furniture alternative. Huggies Pull-ups look like big girl panties but will hold bathroom messes in vs. having them all over the living room furniture.

Things You'll Need

  • Huggies Pull-Ups
  • Potty training toilet
  • Gradually switch your child from exclusively wearing diapers by putting her in a pull-up during her happiest time of the day. This should be started when your child starts showing an interest in potty training such as going to the bathroom at regular intervals, following parents or siblings to the restroom, or staying dry for long chunks of time. Children will be more willingly to accept change if they are in a good mood, not tired or hungry.

  • Show you child how to pull the pull-ups down and then back up. Children may find this difficult at first but with practice they will be able to pull the pull-up up and down with ease. Also show your child how to tell if they are wet depending on the type of pull-up you decide on. Either the child will have a cool feeling in their pull-up or the small pictures on the front of the pull-up will disappear.

  • Emphasize that your child is a big girl now and that she should keep her pull-up clean. This may take some time to accomplish. You can try using a sticker reward chart or a small reward for each time your child uses the toilet. Also, take your child to the toilet regularly as this will help them take the time to stop playing and use the toilet.

  • Pull the sides of the pull-up apart in order to change your child should she use the restroom in her pull-up. Change your child just as you would if she were wearing a regular diaper. Reassure your child that using her pull-up will take practice and that accidents are OK. Punishing your child for an accident will not make potty training any easier.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you decide to go to pull-ups full time make sure you have an ample supply of overnight pull-ups since they have extra absorbency. Overnight pull-ups should be put on during the nightly bed time routine or at the very least before you put your child to bed each night.
  • Some children will come to think of their pull-up as a diaper, if this happens you may need to find another potty training method.


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