How to Revive a Dying Queen Palm Tree


Queen palms, also known as Syagrus romanzoffiana, make an attractive landscape palm in the extreme southern parts of the United States. The queen palm is a fast-growing tree. This makes it a choice palm to plant. The queen palm flourishes when given proper care, but can rapidly decline when neglected. Queens palms become sick from over-watering, over-fertilizing, damage to the trunk and pests. Fixing these issues will bring your queen palm back to perfect health.


  • Identify what is causing the queen palm to begin to die. Once identified, take proper action to reverse the issue at hand.

  • Cut back on watering if queen palm is getting too much water. Ideally, a queen palm should get a good soaking of water once a week. Multiple, small waterings throughout the week promote root rot and/or death. Give the soil seven to ten days to dry out, and water only weekly.

  • Stop fertilizing the queen palm for a while. Too much fertilizer burns the fronds. Do not add any more fertilizer to the palm for the rest of the growing season. Resume fertilizing next year. Consult information on proper palm fertilizing for correct amounts.

  • Remove any grass that grows up to the trunk of the queen palm. Apply weed killer to the grass to kill it. Spread a quality wood mulch around the palm, and make the mulched area at least as large as the palm's leaf canopy. Doing this will prevent lawn mower damage to the trunk and regulate soil moisture. This will also prevent competition from grass roots.

  • Remove any pests from your queen palm. If you have an insect problem, spray a quality insecticide that is safe for palms. If rodents are building nests in your palm, remove all dead foliage. This will limit the space they can inhabit, and they will leave.

Tips & Warnings

  • The palm will start showing signs of recovery once a good watering and fertilizing schedule is implemented.
  • Consider hiring professional tree trimmers to remove any dead foliage from the palm once a year.
  • Don't spray any weed killer on the palm's trunk. If this gets into the tree, it could cause damage and/or death to the palm.

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