How to Tell If a Red Wag Fish Is Pregnant

The red wag fish is a type of platy. It is a live bearer, meaning its babies come out swimming. Breeding occurs easily and often for the red wag fish if males and females are in a tank together. Baby red wag fish will be eaten if kept in the same tank with other wag fish or other types of fish, so it is important to identify pregnancy in the females. A typical red wag fish is pregnant between 20 and 40 days and will have between 10 and 50 babies at a time.


    • 1

      Observe your red wag fish in the water.

    • 2

      Check to see if your fish is getting bigger in the stomach area. If so, it might be pregnant.

    • 3

      Look for a dark triangular-shaped gravid spot near your red wag fish's anal vent. If one appears and your fish is getting bigger, you have a pregnant wag.

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