How to Recognize Parvo Symptoms in Dogs


Parvo can affect dogs of all ages and kill a relatively healthy animal in a short time. It is important for responsible owners to watch for warning signs and respond in a timely manner to save your best friend's life. The following provides tips for recognizing the symptoms of parvo virus infections in dogs.

Parvovirus is a virus that is very contagious and can be easily picked up from the environment or transmitted between dogs. It is transmitted more often in the summer. Public places, such as parks, the beach and pet stores, are good places for picking up this virus. Puppies are more likely to die from the disease than adult dogs; but all dogs are at risk.

Once infected with the virus from the environment or contact with other dogs, dogs will show symptoms in five to 10 days. The first sign of infection is lethargy or wanting to rest. Your puppy or dog is normally energetic and happy to play with you, but now it just wants to rest. It often shows no sign of wanting to have fun or play even when you initiate it with its toys. This is often the first sign of trouble.

Dogs usually vomit when they are infected with parvovirus. In the beginning, the frequency of the vomiting seems like normal upset stomach. However, vomiting increases as the day goes on. Eventually, he will be throwing up a few times every hour. After throwing up, he will want to drink plenty of water. However, it will promote more vomiting. His vomit can be clear liquid, yellow mucus or thick yellow material. This is a clear sign that your dog has been infected with parvovirus and that it needs immediate medical attention.

In the later stages of infection, dogs will have severe diarrhea. It is usually bloody and is a sure sign that your dog is in the mid or later stages of infection. His feces are watery with blood. It is particularly foul smelling and yellow in color, mixed with blood. At this time, rush him to the hospital for immediate treatment.

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