How to Train With a Power Twister Bar


The power twister bar is used to build upper body strength. Most bars are made of steel with plastic grips at each end. Steel springs, coiled around the length of the bar, provide the tension necessary to build muscle. The bars are available in a variety of weights -- from 30 kilograms to 80 kilograms or more -- and many can be adjusted to increase tension. An attractive piece of fitness equipment for its low cost, the twister bar is multifunctional and transportable. Amateur and professional athletes can purchase the bar for use at home or the gym.

Importance of Posture

  • Stand in an upright position using good posture. To activate your core, squeeze your belly button toward your spine and lift up. Allow your shoulders to relax. Grasp the bar, one hand on each handle, and position it to chest height. Squeeze the handles together, ideally until your hands meet. Release and repeat.

Mix It Up

  • To add variety to your workout, experiment by gripping the handles with your palms facing up or down. For added challenge, extend your arms away from your chest to perform the exercise. Change the speed at which you perform each repetition, or vary the tempo. For example, press your hands together for two counts, hold the contraction for two counts and release the tension for two counts. Repeat as desired.

    If you're just beginning a strength-training program, perform two sets of 10 to15 repetitions. Move slowly through the exercise. When you have gained strength, try increasing the tension on the bar. Add in a third set and speed up the tempo. More advanced users may want to experiment with low repetitions, high tempo and only 15 to 30 seconds of rest between sets.

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